Chapter 70 – The Lost Kingdom of Kul’Tiras

In this weeks episode, we give the history of this island nation and also our thoughts on when we may find it again in the future.

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Chapter 68 – Gul’dan, Half-Breeds and the Alliance

Today we discuss some questions sent into us from our good friend Mythrovel. Thanks for the questions and if you have more, feel free to let us know! Hope we helped you out some.

Good luck to Lorewalker Sol who’s going to be on a bit of a hiatus. Come back soon buddy.

Chapter 67 – Mrs. Vereesa Redhair

Today we give you the history of Vereesa Windrunner and also speculate on what she could be doing in the future. Sol was not with us again this week, we hope he comes back to us soon. Have questions you want us to answer? Write in! We’d love to hear from you.