About Lorewalker Sol

Sol started playing WoW during Vanilla Beta, and created a Warrior on the realm Skullcrusher. After he decided that Warriors weren’t his cup of tea (see what I did there Mazzlu?), Sol created a Hunter on the same realm named Freakshowxx. Sol kept this character name until the end of Burning Crusades, then he realm transferred to Durotan where he became co-GM of <Honor Bound>. Now with Freakshowxx being known as Pettater on Kul Tiras US, Sol is starting to settle down with the realm transfers, as he has finally found his home with the <Forged> family.



Sol has always been interested in Lore. From Dungeons & Dragons, to RuneScape, to SW:TOR, to Rift, to World of Warcraft, Sol has had an interest. However, Sol never really acted on that interest until the end of 2013. After an unsuccessful stint with /LFRP, Sol now finds himself in the welcoming arms of the Lorewalker’s Roundtable. Ande’thoras-ethil!


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