About Lorewalker Tahuuharuk

Tahuuharuk started playing officially back in August of 2005. Unofficially sometime before. The first unofficial character was a Dwarf Hunter named Olinkor. The first official character was a Night Elf Druid named Norinkamar.  Tahuu quickly discovered the fact that he was an altaholic and quickly maxed out his account with fifty characters, one of every race/class possibility.  Tahuu eventually created new mains on different servers. Tahuu has now settled in on the Wyrmrest Accord server with his Tauren Shaman named Tahuuharuk Dawnstrider.

Tahuu have always been into the lore of games, more than likely evolving from his like of the Star Wars, Star Trek, and Lord of the Rings universes. While he did not originally get into the rp servers due to misunderstanding of how they worked, he found himself always being in character, whether he was on a pvp or pve server. It was not until earlier this year in which he decided to take up reading the books. His only regret … not doing so earlier.

Why did Tahuu decide to take part in this podcast? Tahuu had been interested in starting a podcast for some time, however did not know how or where to start. When Mazzlu showed interest in starting one, Tahuu quickly answered the call as cohost. It was more appealing because it was about the lore and role-play aspects of World of Warcraft.

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