About Lorewalker Mazzlu

Mazzlu started playing WoW in 2007 during Burning Crusade.  The first toon she made was a blood elf hunter named Jadenoelle.  After learning the game, questing, making other toons (whom have since been deleted), she transferred her hunter to another server, race changed her to a troll and renamed her Mazlu.  A few transfers back and forth from a few servers left her currently on Kul Tiras and the spelling changed to Mazzlu.

After finding the books on iBooks one day while bored, she started getting into the lore.  Once she had a firm grasp of the storylines, she choose to roleplay with her blood elf warlock Deleroth Flamewalker on Wyrmest Accord.  She is currently working on backstories for the rest of her characters, starting with Mazzlu.

She chose to start this podcast when she noticed there was a lack of resources for roleplayers to discuss what they loved the most about the game and looks forward to talking to people all over the World of Warcraft who immerse themselves fully into the game.

Find Mazzlu on twitter @lorewalkermazlu
Email Mazzlu at Mazzlu@lorewalkersroundtable.com

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