The Alternate Timeline of Warchief Lo’Gosh – Chapter Two

I would like to take a moment to greet you before continuing the history of the alternate timeway. Please forgive me if I make an error, I am quite capable of mistakes and confusion. I will be much more diligent in my fact checking from here on out. In addition, in an attempt to make the tale more acceptable, I will be relaying the story as a vision of the past, rather than dry data points when possible. Let us get on with the story then, on the verge of the War in the North, a summit is to be held in Theramore, between the leadership of the Horde and the Alliance, arranged by Jaina Proudmoore.

The rain began not long after the zeppelin arrived. Lo’Gosh scanned the ramparts carefully. He had to be on his guard, as anyone in the walled city might spot him for the human he once was, rather than the Orc he now felt himself to be. Lo’Gosh was not alone, he was escorting his Warchief, Thrall, along with Rehgar, his former “partner,” and Garrosh, the young hot-tempered Orc from Outland. If Lo’Gosh had any dislike for Garrosh, he hid it as well as any of his features beneath his heavy worg pelts.

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