Chapter 64 – What’s That Ogre There?

Lorewalker Sol joins us again as we give you the history of the ogres of Draenor and try to figure out why they are so different from the Ogres we knew in Outland and on Azeroth. We also take a few chatroom questions.

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~Lorewalker Mazzlu

Chapter 62 – What Was That DeGei?

We have DeGei back with us again this week since Tahuu has gone off to Vegas. As normal when we have our Bronze Dragon friend on, we talk about a whole lot of nothing but have a great time doing it.

Find DeGei on twitter @DeGeiDragon and also listen to him ramble on about various things Warcraft on GroupQuest.

Special Announcement

Hello guys! Sorry for a few weeks of no shows, but I wanted to let you know about our new fanfic site, Tales From Azeroth! You can visit for more information, or listen to this little audio clip.

Hope to be back with Chapter 61 next week. Enjoy your holidays!