The Alternate Timeline of Warchief Lo’Gosh – Chapter One

Before I begin my tail… sorry, I meant “tale,” excuse the bad pun, I should be professional and introduce myself. Seeing as I have failed that already, I will get to the point, I am Degormu, a Bronze Dragon. You can, however, refer to me as DeGei or “DG” for short. You are may be aware that the Bronze Dragonflight was originally tasked with guarding the timeways of the Caverns of Time and with them, the history of Azeroth. Since the defeat of Deathwing and subsequent depowering of the Aspects, my flight has lost much of it’s power. The task of protecting the timeways has fallen into the hands of mortals, a group who calls themselves The Timewalkers. ¬†Most of this information is irrelevant, except to illuminate the fact that I find myself with an inordinate amount of free time.

Many of my flight have taken this as a chance to live a little. A fair few have taken off to the far corners of the planet to explore or just plain relax. Others have thrown in with the Timewalkers as mentors of sorts. Still others have decided to catalog history via the direct approach, using the caverns to travel through the eras. I am among the few who find even that prospect too bland. I have been spending my new found freedom exploring the times that never were.

There are many timeways that hook and curl into alternate histories through means that are nearly impossible to explain. Delving deep into these use to be a challenge as Bronze Dragons use to have a sense to feel the “true” path of time. Note, I did say, “use to.” With the power of the aspects gone and the birthright of the flights faded, this sense is greatly diminished. I would imagine, many of the dragons who have left the Caverns behind them fear this loss. I am thrilled by it. For the curious, the only part of the sense remaining seems to be the part able to tell the path back to the time and history in which you originated, not the most useful for exploring, but a keen mind can use it as a compass to navigate off of.

Lately, I have spent much of my time in one particular history. I have observed it’s events, gathered information, and still, I am left with mysteries. Individuals are on very different paths than my home reality. Some facts seem to be obscured, as if someone or something wanted them forgotten to the world. Additionally, there is this feeling that there is something I am not noticing, as if it should be obvious as the scales on my nose.

If you are still interested to hear, I will relay the history of this reality, as well as I can, with as little bias as I can, and maybe point out the most interesting divergent points along the way. Continue reading

Chapter 48 – Here Dere Be Dragons

Today, we are joined by @Degeidragon yet again (cause Sol is too busy for us again) to tell us all the hisotry of the dragons of Azeroth. WE also discuss the Lords of War episode with Durotan.

Chapter 47 – Hellscream Hungers

I’m very sorry about how long it took to get this up. Working 12 hour days really stinks! ~Mazz’lu

In this episode, we discuss the Grommash Lords of War video and also talk about the history of the Dragonmaw clan on Draenor and how they got their name.

Chapter 46 – WTB Smarter Bosses

The gang is back together again with no issues this week and we are joined again by DeGei of the Bronze Dragonflight for some good fun and timeways investigating. Spoilers for the short story Hellscream abound in here.

Chapter 45 – First Birthday Extravaganza

Tahuu returns and Sol is robotic and bailed early, but we replaced him with DeGei, Grand Nagus, Nobbel and other people from our chatroom! We talked about everything and anything and it was just a party!

Thank you all for being there with us over the past year. Without you the listeners, we wouldn’t have any reason to do this. We are both humbled and awed by your continuing support.

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