Episode 28 – Who Let the Dogs Out?

In this episode we talk about the Worgen curse a bit and who would find a cure and why they would give it. We also discuss the possibility of the curse dying out. We also announce the winner of our Ghastly Charger contest so Congrats to Ceraphus for his winning story, and also congrats to Zenadore for her runner up short video story!

Winner of the Ghastly Charger Contest!

Yep, decided to share the story with everyone here so you can all read it.

By @Ceraphus

It was the first days of spring, Mazzlu looked about at the preparations for the upcoming Hunter & Harvest Festival her tribe was having to celebrate the coming year. Many of the younger members of the tribe were out hunting the animals of Durotar to present at the festival. Mazzlu had other plans she wanted to travel further to bring a true delicacy to her people. So she set out for the Dark Portal, it took her only a few days to reach as her Wyvern was older than some, but loyal as any.

Upon reaching the Blasted Lands, she set down just below the ramp to the Portal. She tied up her Wyvern to a post, and paid the stable goblin a few gold coins to watch after her friend while she made the trek into Outlands, for it was there that she would find her prize. She gathered her bow, arrows and gear, took a deep breath and stepped through the portal. She emerged on the other side stepping foot and surveying Hellfire Peninsula. What a harsh environment it was, heat, desert winds, which made it the perfect place to find her prize.

Meanwhile Tahuu, set out just the previous week from his home in Mulgore to research tablets and artifacts in Hellfire Peninsula himself, he was gathering up his items in Falcon Watch, an outpost run by the Blood Elves where he based his excavation quests from. He was trying to find details of the past, what was Draenor like before the world was torn asunder by the Burning Legion, if there were any clues which could aid him and his people, the Tauren.

He gathered up his things and set out towards the Ruins of Sha’Naar, where many adventurers had told tales of artifacts, just below the surface of the sands which told of the past. The distance from Falcon Watch to the ruins was not far. However it was littered with Demons and Hellboar, but Tahuu felt fine, his hulking form he carried well and was quite skilled at handling himself in a fight if need be.

The ruins were in sight, as Tahuu tried to sneak around the side so as not to alert any demons of his presence but it was too late he was jumped from behind by two Illidari Task Masters. They drug him to their master Arzeth, a huge hulking demon with blue skin, he snarled at Tahuu, “Why have you come to my land, these are my ruins”, he growled. Tahuu only glared at the demon, knowing he was in a tight spot, a snort from his nostrils. A grin formed over Arzeth’s face, “you will make a nice meal for my demons”. Suddenly 2 arrows sliced through the air, piercing the skulls of the two taskmasters who held Tahuu. Tahuu looked briefly over his shoulder to see a female troll holding a bow, a nod was given to her in appreciation, as he pulled out his mace, and threw it at Arzeth, hitting him in his leg, knocking him down briefly, Mazzlu shot once more pinning Arzeth’s shoulders to the ground, Tahuu grabbed a nearby spears, dropped by the taskmasters, happy to have had the help, he knew Arzeth wouldn’t be down for long, so he held up the spear and let it pierce the air, as he rammed it through the heart of the large demon.

The demon lay defeated, Tahuu stood and turned around to see the female troll walking up. “Thank you for the assistance, lucky for me you were in the area” he said. Mazzlu nodded, “Lucky for you I was, or perhaps it was fate I decided on this day to find something truly great for my people”. Tahuu looked at her, “Are you also in search of tablets of the past?”. Mazzlu laughed, “Not this day, for this day I was hunting Hellboar”, pointing to her fresh kills behind her, they will make excellent Bacon for my people at the Hunter and Harvest Festival!” Tahuu chuckled, “Ah Hellboar bacon is quite tasty indeed!”. “Come” Mazzlu said, “Lets return to Falcon’s Watch and we can celebrate your good fortune with some bacon before I bring the rest back to my tribe!” Tahuu smiled, “What is your name huntress?”, Mazzlu extended a hand, “I am Mazzlu”. Tahuu took her hand in his, gripped it tightly and shook, “I am Tahuu, not only did you save me this day, but you offered me bacon, I feel we will be great friends!” The two laughed as they headed back to Falcon Watch to indulge.

Also congratulations to Zenadore for her adorable video that we chose as 2nd place. Here is a link to her adorable video story.

Episode 27 – Heal Me Bro!

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Thank you to @MarconinWoW for our awesome new sounder!

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