Chapter 44 – I Feel Bad For You Son

**Today’s episode is dedicated to Kimilyn. We Miss You.**

Today we have Vincentus joining us again for talk about the cinematic, the Lords of War series and some random fun. We also get some advice from Warchief Vol’jin and a wonderful letter from Warchief Lo’Gosh.

Chapter 43 – Our Epic Show on Jaina Proudmoore

In this episode we are joined by Lignar from Epic Podcast to talk about Jaina Proudmoore and some other random things. You can find Lignar on twitter @Lignar and Epic Podcast @epic_podcast

Chapter 42 – My Second Lease on Life

In this episode we talk about roleplay tips for your Death Knight. We also get letters from Vol’jin, Garrosh and our friendly neighborhood Bronze Dragon DeGei!

Chapter 41 – The Horde Will Rise Again

Lorewalker Sol is away today, so Mazzlu and Tahuu answer some listener questions about the Burning Legion and what would happen in alternate worlds and also, what would happen if there was a winner of the Horde/Alliance conflict.

Chapter 40 – How Big Is This Place?

Lorewalker Sol returns to us and we talk about Shamans and exactly how big Azeroth is. We also hear from Warchief Vol’jin and, from deep in hiding, Garrosh Hellscream finds a way to contact us. Maybe since we read his letter he won’t kill us in Warlords? We can only hope.

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