Chapter 40 – How Big Is This Place?

Lorewalker Sol returns to us and we talk about Shamans and exactly how big Azeroth is. We also hear from Warchief Vol’jin and, from deep in hiding, Garrosh Hellscream finds a way to contact us. Maybe since we read his letter he won’t kill us in Warlords? We can only hope.

Chapter 39 – Don’t Make Me Smite Yo Mamma

Join us as Mazzlu and Tahuu give you the ins and outs of roleplaying as a priest! Unfortunately, Sol was busy being fancy with family and couldn’t join us.

Chapter 38 – The Boys Will Play

This week, Lorewalker Mazzlu is at Anthrocon getting wild, so the boys are left on their own. Luckily they have special guest Vincentus, @NottheGM to keep them in line.

Chapter 37 – Random Fun With DeGei

This week we have DeGei on again to talk random stuff. No real point to today, but it’s a lot of laughs.


Chapter 36 – Ya Gonna Just Purr There or Make Like A Tree and Leave

Today we go over Druid roleplay, we also announce where our leveling guild will be and we just have a good time like always.

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